The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PMCC) has 12 site groups and 26 specialty clinics, and almost 3,000 staff who see over 400, 000 patient visits every year. As Canada’s largest cancer hospital, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s vision is to provide world class personalized cancer medicine. This includes providing optimal distress screening for all cancer patients with the Distress Assessment and Response Tool (DART).

DART is a web based application, developed by Dr. Madeline Li, lead by Alyssa Macedo, and created by the Health Informatics Research (HIR) Team. Building this tool has taken a well-coordinated team. The Psychosocial Oncology team at Princess Margaret is made up of world-class psychosocial professionals working together for the patients and with the patients. This team includes specialists in social work, psychiatry and psychology, technology, as well as Healing Beyond the Body volunteers and many others.

Dr. Li is a psychiatrist in the Psychosocial Oncology program and Alyssa Macedo is the program lead for DART at PMCC. They both have played a pivotal role in spearheading this innovative tool. They have been continuously devising creative solutions to integrate DART into the clinical practice bringing it to its current success.

HIR is part of Techna Institute. HIR specializes in research and the development of visually intuitive database applications which collect health information for research, patient management and clinical decision-making. Our mission is to improve the delivery of health information that is usable by patients, practitioners, researchers, and institutions.